M-Lisada History

In 1996, Segawa Bosco was a 12-year-old orphan living on the Kampala streets with his three younger sisters. One day he saw children playing brass band music at a private school. He asked the administrators to teach him music too. They said no. He persevered, and came to the school everyday until they relented, and agreed to teach Bosco and his friends on weekends and holidays.

He and eight street boys learned to play music, and within a few months they all played brass band instruments well enough to support themselves. 

They found a sponsor to pay their rent for two rooms, where they stored their instruments and slept. Wanting a better life for other street children, the boys opened the relative comfort and safety of the rooms to desperate children. 

Bosco's single-minded focus galvanized these children, as they pulled their lives together. They called themselves M-LISADA (Music, Life Skills, and Destitution Alleviation). This was the start of the M-Lisada Children's Home.