M-Lisada Goals

2013: Rehabilitate and reunite 90 street children with families
Once a child has been rehabilitated, the complex process of reunification begins for children who want to return home. Social workers visit the home and counsel the family and the community. When all parties sanction the child’s return, M-Lisada takes him home.

2013-2015: Reclaim 103 street children
We will continue M-Lisada’s successful outreach and music programs to attract the street children.

2013-2015: Provide housing for 196 children
Nsambya: M-Lisada is overcrowded, so we will conduct a search for new land, find financial support and build a new dormitory.
Mpande: M-Lisada will raise funds, develop our farmland, and build a school, a dormitory, and a performance space.

2014-2015: Provide education for 196 children
We work with peer-to-peer exchange programs, lobby schools for bursaries, raise funds through performances, solicit sponsors, and develop micro-loan programs to cover school fees.

2012-2013: Provide medical care for 200 children
M-Lisada built a sick room and hired a nurse. Currently we are soliciting funds and medicine from our partners and sponsors.

2012-2015: Provide food for 301 children
M-Lisada will build housing on our farmland, and teach farming to our children so we can grow our own food.

2012-2013: Enhance capacity building for 15 staff.
Enroll our staff in programs on human rights, child protection, psychotherapy, counseling, IT, and life skills development.

2017: Replication
Replicate M-Lisada’s model of music, guidance, and self-sustainability in other Ugandan cities. Develop collaborations with international organizations. Promote M-Lisada’s policies through conferences, publications and social media.