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Dance of Hope Tour

Dance of Hope

Dance of Hope is the touring division of M-LISADA. The program offers an exceptional opportunity to M-LISADA children, to travel to the U.S. to perform cultural music in schools, performing arts centers, universities, museums, and festivals. Our first concerts will be in Seattle, Washington, in January 2018. For more information, please see our Dance of Hope program at 

We are proud and excited for our children.


M-LISADA Awarded Certificate

Certificate of Approval

The certificate of approval for children's home is given by the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development. When the Ministry gives this certificate to children's homes, it means that such homes have the permission to keep children for a specific period of time.

M-LISADA had applied for this certificate since 2013, but it is just this year that we have been approved by the Ministry to keep children. There were 10 homes that were approved by the Ministry in July, with M-LISADA being the only home approved in Kampala.