Wish List

Laptop Computers

I was able to take seven working laptop computers to Uganda in March. But of course we need more, especially since we will have a dedicated IT room. If you, a friend, or your employer have any PCs or Macs that are not being used, please let us know. We can repair them if necessary.

Fundraising for Education and Health

Our biggest needs continue to be food, education, and medical supplies. The health department needs an Olympus-type microscope. If anyone knows of a used model, I can bring it to Uganda in November. M-Lisada also needs an examining table, which costs about $400.

We need to raise money on a sustainable basis. My focus for the next year will be fundraising for these essentials.

A letter will go out to all M-Lisada supporters in the next few days. I am asking for help, first, to come up with a long list of grassroots fundraising ideas; second, to have our supporters implement these ideas; and third, to engage someone you know, who is new to M-Lisada.


We are shameless, however. So if the above sounds like too much work, we will also accept donations. If you would like to contribute to M-Lisada, remember that we now have 501(c)(3) status, which means that your contribution is fully tax deductible. One hundred percent of your donation goes to M-Lisada—there are no hidden administrative costs. Please indicate if you would like your contribution to go toward a specific need. I'd be happy to discuss any questions you may have; just send me an email.  

Weebale nnyo—thank you very much,
Rochelle Zabarkes, president
M-Lisada Africa Foundation