Child Protection Policy

As conveyed in our mission and constitution, we strive to ensure the rights of all youth. M-Lisada’s comprehensive Child Protection Policy promotes safety for all children. Our inclusive policies ensure that we live our words every day.

M-Lisada does rigorous background checks of staff and volunteers. Each signs a comprehensive contract. Frequent meetings with experts in child protection rights guarantee that effective standards are met. A warden or matron sleeps in each dormitory, and a security guard patrols nightly.

We are strong proponents of children’s rights and speak against discrimination, abuse, and violence against children. But Kampala can be a brutal place. M-Lisada works with parents, schools, the police, and the community to foster acceptance. M-Lisada places frequent radio messages against child abuse to inform the public. University professors, social workers and professionals speak to us about combatting issues of intolerance, and how to implement smart practices.

In the event of a situation, we take immediate action, working closely with the authorities and the community. When we learned a street child was being beaten, we hastened to bring the youngster to M-Lisada, contacted the authorities, and enlisted the help of a trauma counselor. Recently the police brought us a toddler that had suffered abuse at home. Our intervention led to the stepfather’s arrest. To ensure the child’s welfare, M-Lisada consulted with doctors, lawyers, and an adoption agency. It is these examples of involvement that make M-Lisada such a valuable resource for the community.