Advocate for Children

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the act of supporting a cause to produce a desired change. At M-Lisada we advocate because we feel strongly about child protection. One target of advocacy is government policy. You can influence government policy worldwide through effective communication with the U.N., elected officials, the media and other influential leaders.

What can you do?

  • Contact the UN,, and view their child protection policies. 
  • Work closely with M-Lisada and the Ugandan media.

Advocacy Techniques

Poor and vulnerable children around the world cannot lobby for themselves. We need advocates to support child protection, education, nutrition and health programs.

General Techniques for Effective Advocacy

  • State your name and share other information about who you are if it is relevant to the issue—a parent, an M-Lisada supporter, a partner organization, etc.
  • Clearly describe the issue and state your goals.
  • The best thing you can do as an advocate is to make your issue personal; use relevant examples and speak in your own words.
  • Be confident in your approach. You probably know more about the issue than the person you’re talking to. 
  • Be polite under all circumstances. Always assume that the person to whom you are speaking is open to reason and discussion. If you are rude, your message will be ignored.
  • Be brief. Communication that focuses strongly on one argument is the most effective. Stick to one issue. If you write limit the letter to one page.
  • Communicate your message when it is immediately relevant.
  • Use accurate facts and statistics to back up your argument.