Arts and Crafts

The M-Lisada children produce beautiful cards, jewelry, art pieces, baskets, and small wallets and bags. We exhibit and sell our work at craft exhibitions. M-Lisada sets up a crafts table at all musical concerts that we organize. We request the opportunity to sell crafts at all invitational brass and jazz band performances.

Last year, one of our volunteers taught all of the children to make patchwork quilts. This was a huge success, and the quilts were sold at a fundraising event in New York. If you come to M-Lisada, we hope you will share your talents—artistic or otherwise—with our children. 

M-Lisada also designs and sells costumes, for both children and adults, for drama and cultural dance performances. These costumes are sold to cultural troupes/groups, schools, residents in the community, and visitors from several countries at fundraising concerts.