Economic Programs

Almost all of the children take part in the entertainment programs—the Brass Band, the Jazz Band, African Music, Cultural Dance, and Acrobatics. Not only does the learning of these skills reawaken their self-esteem, but also many of the children reach an astonishing level of proficiency.

Individuals, corporations, and governmental organizations hire the bands and dancers to perform all over Uganda. The money from these performances provides M-Lisada with needed support. This entrepreneurial undertaking is another exemplary and unique characteristic of M-Lisada.

The Little Family and Brass for Africa funded and facilitated the creation of Uganda's first instrument repair workshop, operated by M-Lisada. Located near the M-Lisada home, the workshop was converted from a sea freight container.

This enabling enterprise is providing training and will serve as an employment opportunity for the youth as well as an income-generating activity for the organization. The workshop is now repairing instruments for the Ugandan police, military bands, schools, and musicians.

In addition to the funds raised by performing, M-Lisada generates income though leasing our vehicles when not in use, a soap production program, craft sales, and athletic competitions.

M-Lisada offers microloans to young people for sustainable ventures, and has established a savings program.