M-Lisada children do community work, including street cleaning, performing tasks for the elderly, and free concerts. M-Lisada has held fundraising events for impoverished disabled community children.

The Mummy Foundation, closely aligned with M-Lisada, was formed to provide a safe haven for girls and teenage mothers in Katwe, a slum in Kampala, and to deal with  the challenges and obstacles faced by young girls in the community. Brass for Africa (BfA) has been a staunch supporter of the Mummy Foundation since its inception. BfA also funds the employment of a qualified schoolteacher to work with the girls at this vital refuge.

As many as 90 girls use the facility each day, and the existing humble room became extremely overcrowded. BfA bought a new plot of land and has completed construction of a brand-new building to house the Mummy Foundation and the girls. This building is called Holloway House, after one of Brass for Africa’s biggest supporters. If you come to Kampala, be sure to stop by and see this great little school.

Brass for Africa‎ is responsible for so much good work. I urge you to visit their website, learn more about them, and donate to this worthy organization.

The Amazing Girls Club, established in 2011 at M-Lisada, meets to discuss gender and empowerment issues. Several girls take seminars at MEMPROW, a women’s empowerment group.

The M-Lisada Junior Court meets weekly, or as needed, to preside over cases of misconduct. The judge, jury, and lawyers are all children.