Health Care


Many of the children who run to the streets are in their adolescence. Given the dire circumstances in which they live, they are exposed to sexual abuse and are in need of reproductive health services. All children are taught about basic hygiene, sex education, drug abuse, and HIV prevention. M-Lisada works with two youth centers that provide counseling, and several local medical facilities, including St Francis Hospital in Nsambya, Hope Clinic, and Kampala International Hospital.

Mosquito nets are provided to residents to prevent malaria infections. Bathing facilities are made available for children who are still on the streets. All children are taught proper maintenance and use of pit latrines, and the importance of boiling water for drinking.

HIV Prevention

HIV prevention is an integral aspect of the care provided, and continues to be mainstreamed in M-Lisada activities. M-Lisada works with Naguru Teenage Center, and AIC to provide group and community awareness sessions and HIV prevention talks. HIV prevention messages are delivered largely by word of mouth during recreational activities, and through drama, films, and songs. The goal is to mitigate HIV related risks among the children and to promote responsible living.

Palliative Care and Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) services for HIV positive Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

M-Lisada provides medical care to children who are living on the streets and are HIV positive. Destitute children are referred to Mildmay Clinic for palliative care and when necessary, ART services.

Social workers and trained caretakers conduct home visits for HIV positive children, and provide psychosocial support, basic information, and referral services as needed, as well as spiritual support to the OVC and their households.

Monitoring of Activities

M-Lisada conducts monthly meetings with the social workers and caretakers to track the progress of support offered to children, and keep track of children coming in from the streets. M-Lisada also submits monthly reports to sponsors on progress of planned activities. Reports include sections on activities implemented, best practices, success stories, challenges, and lessons learned.

Our Health Partners

Thanks to financial and technical support received from HIPS/USAID Project, MTN Foundation, Chellaston Academy, and kind friends, M-Lisada has been able to provide basic health care support to more than 150 destitute and marginalized children.