Here is a letter written by Bosco Segawa, after the extraordinary 15-day, 210-mile walk from Gulu to Kampala, to celebrate M-LISADA’s 20th anniversary and to raise funds for a new school on our land in Bombo.

Dear Friends, Sponsors, Supporters, Staff, Children, and Their Families,

The walk was a vivid reminder of how much we have, of how much we can offer, of how difficult life can be and of how much help people need. We visited schools where 18-year-old Secondary 6 students studied for their final exams in a building that only had a few sticks for walls and a blackboard with holes in it that sat on top of a chair. As we walked past villages filled with kids who had no clothes or were dressed in ripped dirty clothes, we saw kids without the option of going to school, without the chance to get an education or to learn job skills. instead, we saw vulnerable families who without help were destined to repeat the same form of impoverished struggle and existence. Seeing all of this reinforced our belief that the best way we can help improve lives and make a better future is by building a primary and vocational school for those who need it the most.

We wish that you could've shared our laughs and smiles. We wish that you could've joined us when we met officials, teachers, parents and children and planted trees at schools, churches, mosques and homes, with wishes for a better future. We wish you were with us when we made our jubilant and triumphant return home to M-LISADA, where we were joyfully reunited with our staff, children and families. We wish you could've joined us at M-LISADA for our homecoming party, where we were joined by friends, community members, national newspapers and local partners. We wish you were with us as we celebrated with cultural dances, African drumming and a performance by M-LISADA's Senior Brass Band. We wish you were with us when we had a special gift ceremony for Team M-LISADA walkers and sponsors.

Be with us now, as we continue forward.

Bosco Segawa
Founder/Executive Director, M-LISADA



Our mission is to reduce the number of children living on the streets in Uganda, by providing them with a home, an education, and protection.

M-LISADA strives  to restore dignity and self-confidence through the teaching of life skills, music, and the arts, thereby improving the lives of vulnerable children, and their chances for the future. 


Gulu-Kampala: Walking for a Better Future

Fifteen days, 210 miles, 13 participants, hundreds of onlookers, dozens of sponsors. 

Click on the thumbnail below for a day-by-day description of this excruciating and exhilarating walk.

Rebecca Went to Yale

Rebecca Kabagimu, an M-LISADA resident, attended the Sustainability, Energy, & Environment session of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program from July 26 to August 8, 2016. Prior to the Yale program she travelled around New York with Susan Wiliams and to Las Vegas to visit Mike Rice and family. Now she has just arrived in Kansas as the guest of David Westfall; then on to Salt Lake City to visit with Kristeen Arnold, back to New York, and home to Uganda on September 2. Congratulations, Rebecca.
















Bosco and Lucy’s Introduction Ceremony

Bosco and Lucy traveled to meet with Lucy’s family, the first step leading to their marriage ceremony, which will be held on October 29, 2016. This promises to be a wonderful event. 

New Administration Building

Many thanks to Richard Karran and Chellaston Academy for giving M-LISADA a wonderful new administration building. Finally, M-LISADA has room for all of us to work. 















Arts & Crafts Shop

And if that isn’t enough good news, volunteer Ellen Ruden visited M-Lisada and taught the kids to make African fabric napkins. Presales exceeded $1,000. Contact me at rzabarkes@mlisada.org if you would like to order some. She also set up an exquisite craft shop in our new building. 



Laptop Computers
Now that we will have a separate library and IT room in our newly constructed dorms and administration buildings, we need used laptop computers, for students and staff, more than ever. If you, a friend, or your employer have any PCs or Macs that are not being used, please let us know. We can repair them if necessary. Or if you don’t have a used computer but want to help educate our children, you can donate $500 to M-Lisada on our website, and I will purchase a used Mac to take with me to Uganda. See the story on Rebecca in the M-LISADA NEWS section if you need convincing that our educational programs are successful.

We are always in need of medical supplies. The health department needs an Olympus-type microscope. If anyone knows of a used model, I can bring it to Uganda in November. M-LISADA also needs an examining table, which costs about $400. Please consider donating for either the microscope or the exam table. 

If you would like to contribute to M-LISADA, remember that we have 501(c)(3) status, which means that your contribution is fully tax deductible. One hundred percent of your donation goes to M-LISADA—there are no hidden administrative costs. Please indicate if you would like your contribution to go toward a specific need. I'd be happy to discuss any questions you may have; just send me an email. Our donation page has been upgraded—see the article in the M-LISADA NEWS section. 

Weebale nnyo—thank you very much,
Rochelle Zabarkes, president
M-Lisada Africa Foundation


Currently all expenditures are underwritten by people who love M-Lisada. As we grow we promise never to spend more than 10% of all gifts to fund program services.