Dear Friends, Sponsors, Supporters, Staff, Children, and Their Families,

Years ago, when I was an orphan on the streets of Kampala, I dreamt of a refuge where vulnerable children like me would be safe from hunger, abuse, abandonment, and illness. This dream was all I had, and it sustained me.

Now, 20 years later, M-LISADA has fulfilled my dream. Located in Nsambya, Kampala, Uganda, M-LISADA supports approximately 200 resident and non-resident children and youth. We are dedicated to providing these children with a home, love, security, psycho-social and medical care, and education. M-LISADA strives to change the expected destiny of these children, and because we are largely successful, M-LISADA is one of the most highly regarded Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda.

Much of our success derives from our newest, most innovative programs, which directly empower our children. Our children are repairing instruments and teaching music at diverse places such as a juvenile rehabilitation center, a community school, a home for the disabled, and a fishing village. We have a flourishing Peer-to-Peer urban program where our children are mentoring young street and slum dwellers. One of our girls has graduated from college this spring. Another young woman has been accepted into a program at Yale University.

Our original home in Kampala has been demolished, and a new two-story building is being constructed in its place. And we are going forward with our plans to build a school and residence on our land in Bombo, where we will focus on music and agriculture.

During this extraordinary year I would like to extend my appreciation to you all for the support you have offered to the Organization. Our hope is that you will continue to join us in heart or perhaps even visit us in Kampala. Visit us this year as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, with events throughout the summer, culminating in a musical celebration and my wedding to Lucy Khan in October. We welcome you.

Bosco Segawa
Founder/Executive Director, M-LISADA



Our mission is to reduce the number of children living on the streets in Uganda, by providing them with a home, an education, and protection.

M-LISADA strives  to restore dignity and self-confidence through the teaching of life skills, music, and the arts, thereby improving the lives of vulnerable children, and their chances for the future. 


Our 20th Anniversary Year

This Year, M-LISADA is commemorating its 20th anniversary. Our theme is MUSIC TO THE RESCUE. The celebration activities, occurring from March through October 2016, showcase the accomplishments and improvement in the lives of vulnerable children and youth in Uganda.

On May 21, there was a Cultural, Acrobatics, and Jazz Music Gala, promoting the artistic achievements of our children.

Walk to Bombo and Planting of Trees in Bombo, promoting the construction of a vocational primary school, will take place from June 1-16. This challenging 350 km walk will trace the route many of our children took to escape war and its consequences.

Over a 1,000 children will participate in the Children’s Mini-Marathon and Sports Gala, onJuly 17.

M-LISADA stands for Music, Life Skills And Destitution Alleviation, and music has been the face of the organisation since its inception. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, all those who passed through and benefited from M-LISADA will be invited to participate with their bands in the celebrations. This Brass Band Gala will be held on August 25.

On September 17, M-LISADA Organisation will give back to their community, which has supported them for the last 20 years, with a Community Cleaning Day, health talks, and a concert.

Our Anniversary Concert & Closing Dinner will be held on October 28.

Saving the best for last: the Wedding of Segawa Bosco & Lucy Khan will be celebrated on October 29.

In order to make those activities a success, your gracious support is needed. Please contact us for more information.

Donation Page Upgraded

M-LISADA is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our Donation page. We can now accept donations in U.K. pounds, U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, and euros, making it possible for many of our donors to contribute in their own currency.

Our programs are expanding at a breathtaking rate. Although we generate some of our own income, through musical performances and other entrepreneurial ventures, we rely on your donations even more, to sustain fledgling projects, our growing educational enrollment, and outfitting our medical facilities. A recurring donation, for any amount, whether it is $10 or $100, gives us more financial stability, and allows us to plan ahead. If you check the recurring donation box, your credit card will automatically be charged every 30 days. 

Our Partners

M-LISADA is growing, thanks to our partners. They provide financial and material support, and welcome advice as we embark on new projects. Here is a list of many of them: Chellaston Academy, Latymer Upper School, Brass for Africa, M-Lisada African Foundation, Go-Philanthropic Foundation, Spreeuwen School, St Fransicus School, Torfs, World Mission Help, Cunina, Interkultura, Oxford University students, Masomo, U.S. Embassy, Germany Embassy, PEPFAR Small Grants, Rotary Club Denmark, Rotary Club Masaka, Kampala Capital City Authority, Bead for Life, Kibo Foundation, MEMPROW, and many individuals.

Please contact me at rzabarkes@mlisadaafricafdn.org if your organization would like to join our prestigious and dedicated supporters.

Yale! Yes, Yale!

Rebecca Kabagimu, an M-LISADA resident, has been accepted to the Sustainability, Energy, & Environment session of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program. She has received a full tuition scholarship that covers instruction, room and board, optional health insurance, and linens for the duration of the program. Sustainability, Energy, & Environment (SEE) will be held on the Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut from July 26 to August 8, 2016.

We are hopeful that she will be granted a visa so that she can take advantage of this amazing opportunity. We are also fundraising for her airfare, which is not covered by Yale, and putting together a short list of donors who would like to host Rebecca while she is in the U.S.

Music in Kampala

Chris Weigers, a musician, teacher, and one of M-LISADA’s most impassioned supporters, and Julius Ssesaazi—aka Julius Tuba, an M-LISADA graduate—have been playing with a band called Sabar Zibula. The band is unique in the way it combines East African (specifically Ugandan) music traditions with West African music from Senegal and Mali, along with jazz and R & B influences. Look for Sabar Zibula on YouTube. Or better yet, the Sabar Zibula CD, entitled The Journey, is available for sale online at cdbaby.com.

Music in New York

Chris Weigers will be hosting his seventh annual kick-ass live music fundraiser for M-LISADA on Sunday, June 12, from 3–8 pm. Once again it will be at The Homestead, 107 South St, in Oyster Bay, (516) 922-9293; weather permitting, it will be outside. In addition to the great music and camaraderie, The Homestead offers really good food.

Construction in Kampala and Bombo

In August 2015, M-LISADA Organization officially took possession of the children’s home, originally known as John Dickens House, from Chellaston Academy, now  renamed M-LISADA Children's Centre. This year Chellaston has given us the best possible gift—they have demolished the original house and are building a beautiful two-story structure in its place.

In Bombo, M-LISADA has been successfully growing crops, and has begun a poultry project. Our children will benefit greatly from this sustainable source of good food. Plans are underway to build a music and vocational school for our children and the children of the Bombo community.

Current Newsletter and 2015 Annual Report

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Newsletter                        Annual Report



Laptop Computers
Now that we will have a separate library and IT room in our newly constructed dorms and administration buildings, we need used laptop computers, for students and staff, more than ever. If you, a friend, or your employer have any PCs or Macs that are not being used, please let us know. We can repair them if necessary. Or if you don’t have a used computer but want to help educate our children, you can donate $500 to M-Lisada on our website, and I will purchase a used Mac to take with me to Uganda. See the story on Rebecca in the M-LISADA NEWS section if you need convincing that our educational programs are successful.

We are always in need of medical supplies. The health department needs an Olympus-type microscope. If anyone knows of a used model, I can bring it to Uganda in November. M-LISADA also needs an examining table, which costs about $400. Please consider donating for either the microscope or the exam table. 

If you would like to contribute to M-LISADA, remember that we have 501(c)(3) status, which means that your contribution is fully tax deductible. One hundred percent of your donation goes to M-LISADA—there are no hidden administrative costs. Please indicate if you would like your contribution to go toward a specific need. I'd be happy to discuss any questions you may have; just send me an email. Our donation page has been upgraded—see the article in the M-LISADA NEWS section. 

Weebale nnyo—thank you very much,
Rochelle Zabarkes, president
M-Lisada Africa Foundation


Currently all expenditures are underwritten by people who love M-Lisada. As we grow we promise never to spend more than 10% of all gifts to fund program services.